Fine Hair Care

Do you suffer with fine hair? If your hair is limp and lacks springiness, elasticity, volume and substance then we recommend La Biosthétique’s high performance Methode Stabilisante range.


La Biosthétique for fine hair

  • Noticeably improved hair quality.
  • Silky shine and easier to style.
  • Visibly more volume.
  • Considerably fuller hair and more springiness.


Pilvicure Shampoo

Fortifies hair with ceramide-like compounds giving your hair noticeably more volume.

Pilvicure Lotion

Supports your scalp function to improve hair volume and hair dynamics from the roots up. Biotin helps strengthen the hair. An extract of green tea protects against free radicals.

Pilvicure Crème

Keratin elements and lipids restructure the hair shaft whilst the scaly layer is strengthened by ceramide compounds to fortify and improve hair quality. Gives hair perceptibly more volume.

Pilvicure Fluide

After shampooing, Pilvicure Fluide supplies the hair with essential plant based elements which penetrate deep into the hair to support the regeneration of the hair structure. Fine, weak hair immediately gains noticeably more volume, strength and energy.