Advanced skincare facials

Experience the very best in advanced skincare at Benessere using the globally renowned La Biosthétique products. Alongside our prescriptive skincare range, our beauty therapists can minimise the signs of ageing to help with fine lines, dehydrated skin, blemishes, skin refining & plumping. La Biosthétique is suitable all skin types including sensitive.


Identitest – FREE

Unique to La Biosthétique, Identitest is a skincare consultation in which lipid levels and water contents are measured to ensure the skincare is specific to clients’ needs. Identifying any concerns or conditions allowing our therapists to prescribe the most suitable skincare range for you.


Express Dermosthetique Facial – (30mins) £35

A guaranteed pick me up… Dermosthetique is a multimineral product range that penetrates the dermis allowing anti-ageing effects to reach cellular levels – a highly effective stimulating renewal process. Dermosthetique contains glycol cell extracts which activate collagen synthesis, plus marine algae which protects against the sun’s UVA radiation and stimulates ceramide synthesis by 43% allowing the skin to lock in moisture and keep the nasties out.


Regenerant Facial – (40 mins) £45

This anti-ageing facial can help treat immediate signs of ageing, resulting in a more visible youthful appearance. Intensively moisturising and extremely luxurious, it uses the regenerant jeunesse range which contains red algae and knotted kelp extracts to aid lymphatic drainage. Plus snow crocus which is highly effective in boosting collagen and elastin. Suitable for tired, dry or mature skin types.


Deluxe Facial – (1 hour) £55

A 1-hour specialised skincare treatment to reduce fine lines, sallow looking skin, dark eyes and more, leaving skin silky fresh and hydrated. Containing a marine algae masque which smooths facial contours and detoxifies while moisturising and stimulating the anti-aging processes. Suitable for all skin types.


Angel Touch Facial – (1 hour) £55

Our Angel Touch facials begin with a mini back massage. Our therapists will perform an Identitest consultation and select a suitable Angel Touch product range best for your skin type. The facial consists of a calming Angel Touch lymph draining facial massage that gives a zen feeling. Perfectly relaxing, tranquil… Suitable for all skin types.


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