CACI Skincare: Groundbreaking anti-ageing results without surgery

CACI Treatments in Bromsgrove

Jennifer Lopez swears by it, actress Jennifer Aniston is a devoted fan and it’s a firm favourite with the Hollywood crowd.

“I love CACI… we are really moving forward with technology to do with our skin and it’s fabulous.” – Actress Jennifer Aniston

For over 20 years CACI International has pioneered groundbreaking non-surgical facial and body treatments. The advanced technological systems tackle the signs of ageing by re-educating your muscles and promoting extra collagen production. All treatments are completely safe and do not involve needles or lasers.

Using a combination of pain-free microcurrent technology, LED light therapy and microdermabrasion, the innovative machines target fine lines, wrinkles and other major skin concerns including deep blemishes, acne scarring, sun damage and cellulite.

Our Salon Director Fran is a huge fan and describes her reasons for choosing CACI.


CACI experts at Benessere Bromsgrove

At Benessere we have invested heavily in the latest state-of-the-art equipment and training. We have the CACI Ultimate machine and all our beauty therapists have undergone extensive training with CACI so our clients have added peace of mind.

Fran explains, “Not all beauty salons do this. Many will send one therapist, then that therapist trains the rest of the team. I feel this ‘waters down’ the training. At Benessere salon our standards are the highest; we believe our clients should receive the best, so all of our therapists go away for a week to learn the CACI methods and expertise. You know you’re in safe experienced hands when you visit us.”


Where would I be without my CACI facials?

It’s been described by many as a ‘facial work-out’ and Salon Director Fran tells us she couldn’t be without her CACI facials.

Though she admits she was cynical at first, “At 57 years old I felt that lines around my eyes and lips, frown lines and sagging jowls were untreatable, short of going under the knife. To be honest, I was somewhat sceptical about the results the CACI machine was alleged to achieve. But I was genuinely amazed at the effects after just one treatment.”


Advanced anti-ageing technology for youthful looking skin

Our CACI Ultimate Anti-Ageing Facial harnesses microcurrent technology to plump deep lines and wrinkles and is a non-invasive alternative to collagen injections and dermal fillers.

The treatment also redefines muscle tone, sloughs away dead skin, intensely hydrates and incorporates LED light therapy which stimulates skin cells, reducing the appearance of acne and scar tissue. Your complexion will be left brighter, smoother and visibly more youthful looking.

“If I have a special event to go to I always make sure I have a CACI booster facial the day before,” says Fran. “Knowing my skin is in tip-top condition and looking its best for those unexpected photos increases my confidence. My make-up also glides on more easily, creating a flawless finish.”


Specialist facials for specific areas

We also offer specialised treatments for particular areas of concern. One of our most popular is the CACI Jowl Lift which effectively targets slackening, loose skin around the jaw line. Probes omit tiny electrical pulse whilst a potent firming serum is applied to redefine facial contours. “The impressive results reveal considerably tighter skin which is beautifully supple and more toned” explains Fran.

CACI can also dramatically improve and refresh the delicate eye area, plump fine lines around the mouth and revive hands showing the signs of age and sun damage. Find out more regarding our CACI solutions for specific areas here.


Instant lifting and toning with CACI body treatments

Are you finding your cellulite busting methods aren’t working? It may be time to try the CACI Electro Cellulite Massage.

The specialist CACI equipment pivots around your body contours to ensure all problem areas are reached. Fat deposits are broken down, circulation increased and lymphatic drainage improved. The dramatic effects are immediate-providing an instant lifting and toning result, leaving you bikini ready and body confident.


A beauty industry favourite

Leading magazine Harper’s Bazaar tried a CACI treatment and were over the moon. “The facial gives instantly visible results and is a brilliant, pain-free alternative to Botox and surgery.” Endorsements don’t come much better than that.


“I love a facial and I’ve been having Caci treatments for over 20 years… it really helps to keep your skin lifted.” – Actress Michelle Collins


CACI face and body treatments at Benessere Bromsgrove

At Benessere we offer a wide range of CACI options for your face and body. You can find our CACI Treatment Guide here.

If you’re thinking about CACI and would like some straight-forward honest advice, why not book a complimentary consultation with one of our experienced CACI therapists?

Not only are we CACI specialists, we can also assess how many treatments you will require and develop a tried, tested and trusted regime based on your skin’s individual needs.

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