Want a fringe as elegant as the Duchess of Cambridge or as chic as Victoria Beckham, but not sure where to start? According to Benessere salon director, Fran Shakespeare, it’s as simple as knowing your face shape and making sure the cut is a match.

The fringe sported by the Duchess of Cambridge as she attended her first engagement after the birth of Princess Charlotte is a superb example of a cut done to perfection. This new style draws attention to her eyes and mouth and gives her face a more open look, complementing her natural warmth and beauty.

I believe that a fringe done well will enhance your favourite facial features and cover up what you really don’t like, such as forehead lines or eyebrows in dire need of attention. A flick of the fringe, and suddenly your face looks younger and nobody will notice that you missed your eyebrow appointment last week…

Select the right hairdressing salon for expert advice

The fringe is certainly surging in popularity this year. Celebrities are adopting the trend in droves and some of their choices are stunning. Victoria Beckham has opted for a swooping side fringe that frames her eyes beautifully and enhances her slender face and Laverne Cox, star from Orange is the New Black, has a lovely thick fringe that emphasises her cheekbones and smile.

I cannot emphasise the importance of selecting the right hairdresser before going in to have your fringe cut. A good salon will make all the difference as well-trained hairdressers can instantly assess which style suits your face shape and provide you with professional hair care tips for managing your fringe properly.

Choose a fringe style to suit your face shape

A heart-shaped face, like Victoria Beckham and Scarlet Johannson, should have a fringe cut that is thick and blunt on longer hair. I find that a short fringe on short hair looks stunning and emphasises the cheekbones.

Whilst a round face, like Cameron Diaz, suits a longer fringe that almost touches the eyebrows or is side-swept to enhance the eyes and cheekbones.

If you’ve an oval face shape, like Beyonce and Taylor Swift, you’ll benefit from a cut that’s short and choppy or a long full fringe that is heavily textured so as to really bring out the best features.

A thick and blunt cut to emphasise the eyes is an ideal choice for people with the long face shape, think Sarah-Jessica Parker and Liv Tyler .

Those with square faces, like Sandra Bullock or Angelina Jolie, can have big fringes that are textured on the ends and reach down to the brow. This enhances the eyes, narrows the face and brings the cheekbones forward.

Benessere Bromsgrove offers clients free fringe trims

Whether you want to boost the line of your cheekbones, emphasise your eyes or make your lips look fabulous, there is a fringe for you. Cover up, enhance, hide or define – it can do so much to make you feel gorgeous.

However, it is worth remembering that a tatty fringe is not an attractive one so get yours regularly trimmed to keep it looking lovely. You’ll need to do this once every two to three weeks to avoid it overgrowing and needing a more intensive cut.

At Benessere hairdressers we offer complimentary fringe trims for all our clients – that way we know that you look good all the time! We also have a bevy of talented hairdressers who can take your idea and make it into a gorgeous reality that suits your face and lifestyle. This is so important because a badly cut fringe is going to stick around for quite a while until it grows out so make sure it is done well.

And one last red-carpet hair tip…

If you want to have a fringe as chic as Victoria Beckham, as elegant as the Duchess of Cambridge or as fashion-forward as Taylor Swift’s blocky cut, make sure your face can carry it. Don’t get stuck on a style as it may not be the one for you.