Male Grooming Tips for Busy Men and Dads

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Women aren’t the only ones who like to be well-groomed. Guys like to look good too, including flat-out dads, but many don’t know where to start.

Help is at hand – with Father’s Day around the corner our therapist Torrie shares some essential tips for men and runs through our male grooming treatments so you know what to expect.

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Waxing for men for a beach-ready bod

Waxing is at the top of the list for male grooming treatments with many men opting for this effective and long-lasting hair removal method pre-holidays and on special occasions. However, many of our clients are so pleased with the results they choose to continue waxing throughout the year.

Waxing isn’t scary guys – honest” says Torrie. “There’s a reason why women are big fans and a lot of men are now choosing this method over shaving, hair removal creams or just staying hairy. When conducted by a professional manscaping is quick, precise and relatively pain-free – all whilst maintaining your dignity. Plus the smooth finish can last between 4-6 weeks,” adds Torrie.

Whether you want manscaping to your back, chest, forearm, underarm, full leg, ‘speedo line’ or just some discreet eyebrow shaping, you’re in safe professional hands at Benessere.

Remember: book your waxing appointment 3 days before basking in the sun to avoid irritating your skin.

Interested to know more? Check out our male waxing treatments here. Call 01527 878822 for an appointment or book online – get in quick, your summer hols will soon be here.


Professional facials for youthful dads

Starting to notice lines and wrinkles? Then it may be time for a facial. Definitely not just for women, facials are a skincare staple and a great way to fight premature ageing. Plus they are incredibly relaxing and a great way to unwind and distress.

Torri explains, “ I don’t know why guys are shy about facials – they’re essential maintenance for healthy youthful skin. I find our La Biosthétique Hydro Actif Express Facial works well on men’s skin; it intensely nourishes and rehydrates tired and dry skin, whilst the added cell active hydro complex smoothes away fine lines for a firmer younger-looking face after only one appointment. Perfect pre and post holidays to help with any sun damage.”

The 30 minute treatment is perfect for a man juggling a busy personal and professional life – call the salon on 01527 878822 and we’ll slot you in.


Feel confident in flip-flops with a male pedicure

Do you shudder at the thought of wearing flip-flops? Summer has already started so the last thing you need is shoes and socks; feel confident on the beach, in the park and at home with fresh and tidy feet.

“Keep toenails short and clean – cut nails straight across and never down the sides as this can lead to cuts, infections and ingrown toenails. File edges for a smooth finish. Remember to air your feet as much as possible and thoroughly dry post-shower to combat fungal infections, bad odours and dry skin,” recommends Torrie.

Don’t forget your fingernails should also be kept short and clean and your skin regularly moisturised with a good quality hand cream for smooth and soft results, as your hands are one of the first places to betray your age.

Sound like a lot of hassle? Let our specialist nail technicians take care of it with our professional male manicures and pedicures – ideal for holidays, weddings or men with hands-on jobs.

See our manicure and pedicure services – book by calling 01527 878822 or…


Top tips for easy male grooming at home

Torrie’s 5 top tips for easy grooming at home for busy guys and dads:

  • Moisturise everyday with a male specific moisturiser which includes SPF (preferably SPF 30+) to protect your skin from cancer, premature skin aging and wrinkles. This is particularly important if lack of sleep (due to kids or a demanding career) is causing dark circles and a tired/lacklustre complexion.
  • Ensure a smooth, easy shave with less irritation by learning to shave properly (never against the grain) and using a pre-shave product and post-shave balm.
  • Exfoliate on a regular basis with a facial scrub, to reveal fresh skin and help your moisturiser penetrate deeper. All over exfoliation can also prevent ingrown hairs, so waxing will be less painful.
  • Use foot sprays/powders/creams to combat fungal infections and dry skin (a pumice stone also helps) and ALWAYS thoroughly dry your feet after a bath or shower.
  • Get more sleep, drink more water and eat a varied, healthy diet – it’ll make a massive difference to your skin, hair and nails.


More than a shower and a shave

Male grooming has moved beyond simply a shower, shave and haircut (although we can also offer this service in our fantastic hair salon!). Don’t get left behind guys, you deserve to look and feel your best every day – whatever life throws at you.

Treat yourself this Father’s Day by taking some time out to visit the salon, call 01527 878822 or book online. Or ladies treat your man with our vouchers, call to order or pick up in the salon.