My tips for sun-kissed summer tresses

Summer Hair Tips

Holidays may be an indulgent relaxing treat for you, but they can be hard work for your hair. Soaking up the sun poolside can leave your hair dry, damaged and discoloured.

Here are my personal tricks and tips for heavenly holiday hair…


Chlorine can damage your hair

If you’re in and out of the pool all day the chlorine will strip the oil from your hair causing dryness and damage.

  • Your hair is like a sponge. It soaks up less when it’s wet, so saturate it with clean freshwater before diving in.
  • After your swim rinse again with tap water. I take a bottle of water with me if there aren’t any poolside showers or I’m on the beach.
  • After my last swim of the day I always use a specific shampoo formulated to remove chlorine – Shampoo AS from La Biosthétique’s Soleil range works well on most hair types.
  • My hair is coloured so I’m especially carefully if I’m swimming a lot. If you’re in a private pool away from prying eyes, you may want to use a good old-fashioned swimming cap. Not very glamorous, but the biz for keeping your hair in pristine condition, especially if you apply a moisturising mask to dampened hair before pulling it on.


 Sun plays havoc with hair condition and colour

  • You slather sun protection on your skin, and your hair needs the same treatment. I use a UV protector such as La Biosthétique’s Crème AS before and while catching the rays. And remember to use UV protector when you pop out shopping or are enjoying an al fresco lunch.
  • Follow up with a UV shampoo and conditioner for optimum protection and minimal damage.
  • The best way to avoid sun discolouration and damage is to cover up – not always possible I know. A towel wrapped around your head when sunbathing works a treat – as with a swimming cap, apply conditioner or a mask before donning your towel and give your hair a thirst-quenching drink.


Holiday hair goes party

  • Heavenly holiday hair calls for easy, casual beach-babe styling. Embrace the waves and forget your straighteners. A spritz of Beach Effect Styling Spray from La Biosthétique and a scrunch of the hand will help you create natural, tousled waves.
  • For those romantic dinners for two, try a loose Boho side plait or a chic on-trend ponytail tied low in the nape.


All good things must come to an end

Pre-book a hairdressing appointment for the first day or two after you return. We’ll give you an indulgent post-holiday mask to restore, rejuvenate and replenish. Then we’ll tidy those ends, touch up your roots and if the sun didn’t shine on your holidays we’ll cheat and add some gorgeous sun-kissed highlights.

Happy hols
Fran x