Tame frizzy hair

Do you battle to control your frizzy hair? Is damp or humid weather a styling nightmare? You’re not alone.

Try these professional hairdressing tips to tame the frizz.

Preserve your hair’s precious natural oils

Avoid shampooing your hair too often as this strips its natural frizz-controlling oils.

Use a gentle cleanser especially formulated to wage war on frizz. La Biosthétique’s Anti-Frizz shampoo is ideal to relax unruly hair.

Condition hair deeply

Dry, porous hair absorbs moisture from the air causing the hair shaft to swell. Try the Anti-Frizz conditioner from La Biosthétique and leave on for five minutes. This coats the hair shaft making it harder for moisture to sink in.

Never Rub Hair Dry

Never rub hair with a towel as this roughs up the cuticle making it more uncontrollable than ever. Instead, carefully squeeze excess water out and pat with a super-absorbent towel.

Always blow dry

Apply a heat protection spray and blow dry your hair rather than leaving it to dry naturally. Blow drying closes and smoothes the cuticle. Always ensure your hair is completely dry as leaving it slightly damp will result in frizz.

Finish off with the Anti-Frizz serum to give your hair a healthy gloss.

Moisture, moisture, moisture

Regular deep moisturising treatments help keep hair sleek and smooth. Fran recommends the La Biosthétique Dry Hair Mask, “the ultimate thirst quencher for dry hair. It gives hair natural gloss, softness and elasticity.”

Spoil your hair for special occasions

Nothing beats a salon treatment and professional blow dry for conquering frizz. Why not book yourself some ‘me’ time next time you’ve a red carpet appearance and want to look your best.