Your health is our concern

Benessere is Italian for ‘well being’. And at our Bromsgrove hair and beauty salon we take your well being and health very seriously. That’s why we insist on a complimentary skin test when you have a hair colour and with some beauty treatments, such as lash and eyebrow tints.

We understand you’re very busy so visiting the salon twice over a couple of days can seem a bit of a nuisance. We also know some hair and beauty salons don’t bother with a skin test. So why do we ask you to have a skin allergy test?

Why do I need a skin test?

To ensure we can safely apply colour to your hair, eyelashes or brows we need to know if you’re allergic to any of the ingredients used in our colour products.

At Benessere we only use the highest quality hair and beauty products from La Biosthétique whose prescriptive ranges are dermatologically tested in the best European laboratories. However, all hair and beauty colour products contain chemicals that may, very rarely, cause an allergic reaction when in direct contact with the skin.

Para-phenylenediamine (PPD) is found in most permanent hair dyes. An allergic reaction to it can cause severe inflammation and scarring to the scalp, face, ears, eyes, ears, face and neck.

Is a skin test for colour services essential?

Your health and well being is of paramount importance to us. If we were to apply colour products without performing an allergy test, it could comprise your safety which is something we would never knowingly do.

We do know some salons will apply colour without a skin test – usually because they worry the slight inconvenience might tempt people to go to another salon. At Benessere we would rather sadly lose a client than risk your health by skipping a skin test.

I’ve been colouring my hair for years – do I still need an allergy test?

A very firm, yes. Your previous colour history doesn’t rule out an adverse reaction. The chemicals in all colour products change over time, as does your skin’s sensitivity. Some medications, for example, can make you more hyper-sensitive.

What does the test involve?

There is no need to make an appointment. Just pop into our Bromsgrove salon at least 48 hours before your hair or beauty appointment. The test only takes a couple of minutes to apply and, of course, is complimentary.

The colour test stays on your skin for 3 hours. If you have any adverse reaction such as a burning sensation, itching, rash, inflammation or irritation please let us know immediately.  Symptoms can take a while to develop which is why we test at least 48 hours before your appointment. We want to be sure.

To make it as easy as possible for you, there is no need to book a time for your skin test (unless of course you’d prefer to) – just pop in. Our opening hours are here.

If you’ve any questions or concerns about the test or having colour to your hair, eyebrows and lashes do phone or pop in for a chat with one of our experienced stylists or therapists. We’re here to help and advise.